ZauTempo - The Tempo Visualization Software by Hideki Saito

Yes! It's finally here. ZauTempo, the tempo visualization software is now available from the creative author, Hideki Saito.

What can it do?

And this is what it looks like...
This software allows measurement of tempo, anytime, anywhere, even when you are on the airplane! It is easy to control, you just have to tap along with music you are listening to, and then you have your tempo!

Great, what platform does it support?

It runs on Zaurus SL-5000, or SL-5500. Although I have not verified, it should also run on Japanese counterpart of Linux Zaurus.

Okay, where is it?

Here! for more info from Bitzi"> Bitzi Ticket Info )

Licensing info

ZauTempo is released under the terms of GPL. See "copying" file included in the source archive.
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