Linux SAM9407 Driver

Goal: Develop a sound driver for the Dream SAM9407 DSP. This DSP is used in the Terratec EWS64XL, Guillemot Maxisound, Hoontech SoundTrack, Diamond Monster Sound MX200 and possibly others.

Mailing List

The sam9407-dev mailing list is intended for discussions about coding for the sam9407 firmware. This list is NOT for disucssions about programming the sam9407 using the windows (or other) API! It is for the firmware API ONLY.

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SAM9407 specifications (PDF)
SAM9407 firmware programming manual 1.1 Dec 1996 (PDF)
SAM9407 firmware programming manual 1.21 Dec 1996 (Word 6)
SAM9407 firmware programming manual 1.5 Feb 1997 (Word 6) (PostScript/gzip)
SAM9407 file/soundbank formats manual 2.0 Jan 1998 (Word 6) (PostScript/gzip)
TerraTec firmware programming manual (Word 6) (PostScript/gzip)


Maxisound Resource Center
Frank Riethmueller's Dream Page
Groovestyle (Commercial SAM9407 soundbank distributor)
Hanmesoft (KR)
Hoontech (KR) Online support webboard
Hoontech (KR) Online support webboard (KR)
Hoontech (EN) Online support webboard (EN)
Guillemot (FR)
Terratec (US)
Diamond Multimedia (US)
EWS64 XL Professional Mixer Homepage
MAZ EWS64 Page
Dream (FR)
EWS Stress Control Panel

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