Hardware Documentation

List of companies that have been contacted to request documentation on their hardware, and their responses.
  • YMF-721
    Documentation available. NOTE: The document uses japanese encoding (dont worry, its still in english) but acroread has a fit over it. xpdf 0.80 compiled with '--enable-japanese' reads it fine. Fixed xpdf srpm is here.
  • YMF-724 aka DS-1 aka "WaveForce 192"
    Documentation available.
  • Netspeed
  • PCIRunner - Contacted August 21, 1997
    Initially expressed interest in a Linux driver (possibly under NDA), then stopped responding to emails. In early 1998 they were purchased by Cisco, so any Linux driver seems out of the question now.
  • Miditerminal
  • Waveterminal - Contacted June 5, 1998
    Refused to release documentation. Claim to be working on their own Linux drivers to be released September/October 1998.
  • Digital Audio Labs
  • All hardware
    Documentation available via NDA only.
  • AdB
  • All hardware
    Documentation available via NDA only.
  • RME Intelligent Audio
  • Digi32
    This appears to be the same card as the Sek'd Prodif 32. (See Sek'd)
  • Sek'd
  • Prodif 24
    Documentation available.
  • Prodif 32
    Documentation pending.
  • Hoontech
  • All cards
    Documentation available. You can download it here.
  • NCR
  • 3550 SMP Server
    Printed documentation available. Copies available for duplication + postage cost (267 pages).

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